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April 5


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Welcome!! This is the first event for LM! It'll be optional, but I would love to see everyone get involved since we're a rather small group still!! Enjoy!



[Huh? It seems in your wandering you've ended up in the Kingdom Lands, close to the city. You decide to enter it and look around- Arches of Music always seems so breathtaking!!]


[You pass by the church but something catches your eye- is that... Prince Edward? You lock eyes with him and he waves you over. Wow, weird, usually he has the guards drag you over. Maybe it's a good day? Either way, you walk over.]

"You, Player, I need to request something of you. It's important that you pay attention."

[You take that advice because honestly, this is strange to you. But you know, it seems pretty cool to have something to do.]

:: What do you need help with Edward?::

[You find yourself asking- was that programmed? Nah, they can't program a player.]

"PRINCE Edward."

[He corrects you sternly and you can't help but chuckle.]

"Listen up! There is something strange going on in the Odd Fields and I want you to check to out."

[He pauses hesitantly, obviously worried.]

"The people are worried and it's my job to keep them happy but I can't risk leaving here right now... I need someone to do it for me. And that someone is you Player."

[He turns and  begins to walk to the edge of the city, glaring back at you and it's obvious you need to follow him. So, you do.]


[It takes a while but you finally reach the top of the wall surrounding the city and Edward seems to be looking out with concern. He points to the blue green grasses in the distance, wedged between trees and water.]

"There. That's where you need to go."

[You stand for a second, thinking.]


[He looks at you impatiently and you sigh, a sign of agreement.]

[Now what....?]

-> Go straight to the fields
-> Go see an NPC and ask them to help



[With a nod of your head, you speak to Prince Edward rather excitedly]

:: I'll head right over there then! See ya!! ::

[And rush away in a huff.]

[Joffery the Excellent glances at his partner rather dumbfounded, seeming concerned the Edward didn't tell the player more. Oh well, what can be done?]


[It took longer than you thought it would, but you finally reach the fields. Prince Edward was right, something WAS up. You could barely see thought the thick fog, and even though it felt empty, you get nervous.]

[You wait.]



[Nothing is there.]

[Now you just feel dumb, Prince Edward tricked you! He made you waste all this time to get here and then it was for nothing! With a huff you turn to leave.]

[One step.]

[Two steps.]


[A noise.]

[You turn back around and squint. The fog has shifted, but is still thick.]



[You were wrong, something IS there.]

[And it's moving.]

[One step.]

[Two steps.]


[What now?]

-> Wait- it could just be a Okours or something, and will come out of the fog in just a few more steps.
-> Run- get out of there! You don't what that is, why wait for it to attack you? No way!! Run as fast as possible!



[No way were you going to hang around and find out what that was! That's crazy talk! So you turn on your heel and bolt.]



[Phew... after all that running you're sure you've lost it- whatever it was. Taking a look around you though... oh.]

[Well, doesn't this look familiar. All that running got you no where.]

[Thinking about it now, the fog is definately thicker- you couldn't run straight out if you wanted to.]

[Not to mention those pitfalls found here...]



[It almost seems like the fog is trying to hold down that creature, so you think it's safe to assume it isn't harmless.]

[You want to run again but you find yourself stuck to the spot, unable to move. This is bad.]


[Oh no, what now?]

-> Fight- That's it, you have to fight!! No more running!
-> Yell for help- Another player, or someone, anyone, will help you for sure!!


There you go! This mission can be done with a friend if you want! Draw or write you experience for the event as well! Those who participate will earn an additional 50 SB on any event related work.
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soda-po Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist
"Yeeeahh! Shishi can fight now right??" The green pheous jumps up and down in excitement while it's human partner just stared dumbfoundedly at the size of their opponent. He's sure as heck he will never out run this... this... what is this thing anyway?! Though it looks really cool but getting beat up by this thing isn't something to be excited about as well!

"Shishi, we can't just fight that thing!" He got to talk some sense into his partner or else Shishi will just do the casual 'do-first-before-thinking' style again-- "Oh then um... Shishi knows! We should call friends! Maybe they're nearby!"

...Not in a million years would he resort to such action. "No.. I.. I think we'll be able to handle this by ourselves.." "Senkou's no funnnn--" "You want to fight it right? Then do it already!" Pouting a bit, the pheous gave an rabbit ear-salute "Yessir!"

Sen: ...Or I can just log out of this game and come back in a year.

Psh. Friends? Allies? Who needs 'em? :iconforeveraloneplz:
Shizumii-Kaii Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
" б-блядь... блядь этот !! " Natalya cursed when she finally saw the creature that was lurking among the fog with them.

She wanted to get out of there, but she can feel her legs shaking and as much as she wants to move them, she can't. Her eyes were wide, fixated her sight at the giant monster. This is scary and she's absolutely wrong about her assumptions earlier. Absolutely wrong!

" Master, your language. " her Pheous, Leif, said calmly who was standing beside her.
" I-I'm sorry.. " Natalya replied, feeling scared and it looks like she's about to cry.

She can easily feel her tensing up and her fear taking over her creator. Leif felt like she should do something, and that something is to protect her at all odds. She walked infront of her, getting ready for the battle while Natalya quietly stood behind her surprised.

" Don't worry, Master. I'll take care of this scum. " she said confidently as she looked at her master over her shoulders, smiling.
Natalya gave her a small nod, but slightly worried. " Okay... "

(( These two dorks are about to get killed AHAHAHAHA. Anyway, our decision is to fight still ! \o/ ))
tashaj4de Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"EMI-SAMA LET'S FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT~!" Clarity said cheerfully, already moving towards the creature. Emily barely managed to grab the Pheous' dress to stop her from attacking.
"W-wait! C-clarity we aren't a high level yet...!" The blue-haired player knew that her Pheous would fight anyway despite her words, but she knew their level was pretty low... "T-taskette...!" She found herself saying as the creature stared at her.

Call for help... Cause Emily is scared :iconmingplz:
Reborn-Honeybee Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Scarlet: Oh no please think this through you can't just--
Arisa: PREPARE FOR BATTLEEEEEEE! :iconrunrolanrunplz:

[ Arisawhycan'tyouseeScarlethasmorecommonsensethanyou ]
[ anyway yeah Fiiiiight o 7 o ]
Det2x Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Wow!! Continuation and....//scrolls down lot of rplayers.. 

Ayaka: W-what's that??? W-we should run.....
Aya: Agreed....

Shizumii-Kaii Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Part two, w00t !! :iconsuperw00tplz: ))

*is in her thinking stance* It feels eerie, like... an intimidating aura, coming from where those ' footsteps ' are coming from. Looking closely at it, this isn't some sort of friendly animal but rather a cold blooded one. I could be wrong though. *sighs*
*looks at Nat* ...
*crosses her arms as she looks into the fog where the creature is* I'm scared, yes... but I can't just abandon a Prince's order. Besides, imagine the possibility if it's a warm blooded one. I can always have it as a pet. If not, then we'll either run or engage in battle, it's still some experience points. If we lose... well, atleast we'll have some intel about the creature and what is going on in these fields.

'' Alright, Leif, we're staying. Prepare yourself for any hostile movement from the creature in front of us. '' *looks serious, but still has her confident smile in her face*
*smirks as she shifts into her battle stance* '' Got it. Initiating battle mode. ''


In other words, Nat and Leif chooses to stay in the fields ! \o/ ))
*looks at the others below* Welp, guess my bby's are too reckless about this. XD ))
TheLostArts Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Connor: Finally! People are starting to see clearly!! ; u ; Maybe we'll end up making a sensible decision this time! :iconlazycryplz:
Pffft- ignore that. xD He's just happy to have people on his side this time around. xD

If that little blurb above didn't give it away, Connor would choose to RUN!
Unlike Emily and Senkou who so nicely and rationally thought things out, Connor would see that thing in the mist and immediately go into panic mode. Not really wanting to have gone in unprepared in the first place, he'd be an absolute chicken while observing his surroundings, and seeing the figure in the mist would be the final thing to set him off. I'm not even sure he'd check to make sure Cordelia's with him before getting our of there.:iconpapmingplz:
Of course, if anyone asks, he'd put up a strong front and say that he saw something and figured it was just too weak to fight it....the liar. xD
tashaj4de Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"Emi-sama~" Clarity looked at her player, feeling the blue-haired girl panic. She could hear her partner mentally saying the few curses she actually knew "What do we do now~?"

"...W-well....." She had to remind herself that she was still Lvl 1. That meant low health and abilities. That also meant she could easily lose this battle But she wanted to stay and find out what it was they were facing. Clarity of course, wanted to stay and fight.

"...W-we better go back first-" Emily finally said "I-in the first place- you shouldn't have rushed inside Clarity-"

"Awwwwww" The Angel-like Pheous pouted "But it seemed like the best thing to do~"

Emily sighed. This was one problem with having a Pheous who liked to take risks.

"L-let's just get out of here then come back alright?" Emily looked around, trying to calm herself. Hopefully they'd be able to get out in time...

So hard to choose :iconlazyroll-plz: away even though I want to wait :iconmingplz: //shot
Focrizis Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
Run. :iconpapmingplz:
soda-po Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Hobbyist
Ah, I'm torn between these two decisions :iconyunoguyplz:
The shadowy looking thing looks like a dragon..or a snake... or a Shishi--//slapped


Something's there, they're not sure what the heck it is, Shishi couldn't even distinguish the thing if it's a normal enemy or not--wait, this might be the event boss... what if it IS the boss?! Then again, it might just be a normal enemy... but what if it really is a dangerous monster? Ugh, no matter how he wished to stay and see whatever the heck it is, A level 2 player couldn't possibly survive if it actually turns out to be the latter! What will the decision be? The noise are getting closer, should they stay or run?


He might be overanalyzing this, but still, it's better to be safe than sorry.

And for all he care, that royal prince-ly guy should just check out this bluish field of virtual grass himself!

"Shishi, we're getting out of here." 
"D'aaww! Senkouu! That's not fair! Why are we running away!! It might be Eddie!" Edward. And he seriously doubt that.

Long story short: SENKOU fled using RUN AWAY.

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